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Elevator Safety IoT Service Platform

Elevator Safety IoT Service Platform

The elevator safety IoT service platform is an urban elevator dynamic service platform independently researched and developed by BJB Information in response to the elevator informatization and elevator public safety.

It provides the one-stop solution for the accident prevention, emergency response and work improvement of elevator safety and actualizes the controllability of elevator safety and timely emergency response.

We have reinforced the safety precaution mechanism, turned from passive management of elevator safety to active management as well as from disposal afterwards to prevention in advance, so as to comprehensively grasp the state and the management of the elevator operation in safety.


1. Emergency dispatch and command system

In case of unexpected situations, remote command on the site can be realized rapidly; it allows the rapid enquiry of the actual police deployment via geographic information system, electronic map and other related software for further tactical calculation, and provides reliable reference data for disposal proposals.


2. Audio and video intercom system

In case of emergencies, the user can make an emergency call and the emergency command center can provide remote voice pacification. The emergency command center, all sub-control management center, and all related business departments can conduct audio and video intercom meetings, and convene video meetings and dual-direction audio and video communication and interaction based on the urgency degree of the accident.


3. Video monitoring system

For the real time monitoring of the site, the elevator IoT remote monitoring system is constructed, which allows the monitoring of the whole process by a mobile single solider. The rescue personnel can realize emergency alarm, evidence collection and photo shooting through GPS/Beidou Satellite positioning, rescue activity video monitoring, rescue link voice command, and rescue process video shooting and other means.

4. Hotline communication system

In case of an emergency in the elevator, the user can dial the elevator emergency rescue line and the elevator hotline communication system supports the receiving of alarms for 24 hours, dispatches rescue missions at any time, and realizes the supervision of the full rescue process.


5 Mobile single-soldier system

The rescue personnel can respond to the emergency through the mobile single-soldier system and report the rescue situation in a timely manner.


6. Intelligent information release system

Comprehensive promotion of safety knowledge about special equipment can be enacted through the information release system.


7. Maintenance management system (maintenance mobile terminal)

The maintenance management system allows the maintenance personnel to conduct maintenance mission and rescue mission response through mobile phone terminals while viewing the maintenance and rescue situations through this system.


8. IoT data management system (elevator operation files)

It will build electronic information files about the operation, maintenance and rescue situations of the elevator and allow the real time viewing of the elevator status and the statistical analysis of the elevator faults for the further fulfillment of responsibilities by all parties.


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