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In the field of education, BJB Information has successfully developed self-owned BJB products and intelligent campus audio and video integration solutions, enabling the improvement of education quality and environment. Meanwhile, BJB Information has integrated perfectly the AR/VR technologies with BJB intelligent education and teaching and rolled out standardized VR extrasensory series products in order to create leading VR education solutions and increase the vividness and interestingness of teaching content. 

Intelligent campus audio and video integration solution

The intelligent campus audio and video integration solution integrates large-scale multi-function hall solutions, smart classroom solutions, campus information release systems and multimedia school history museum solutions in a bid to create a modern campus management platform.

Large-scale Multi-functional Hall Solution

A modern multi-functional lecture hall includes various types of professional integrated application design such as display system, audio sound reinforcement system, lighting system, meeting system, recording and broadcasting system and central control system and thus can realize satisfactory work report, academic seminar, cultural performance, multimedia presentations and other functions.



2. Smart Classroom Solution

The smart classroom application solution is a modern teaching environment system and teaching method that realizes teaching interaction, intelligent recording and broadcasting, electronic class card, equipment management, environmental monitoring and intelligent control based on cloud architecture and superior for its healthy, comfortable, safe, compatible, energy-saving and environment-friendly features.


● Smart class card

The electronic class card can display the basic information of the class, environmental in the classroom, instructors, teaching status and campus announcements.

● Interactive teaching

After a BJB intelligent interactive LCD whiteboard is installed in the classroom, interaction among teachers and students can be realized. At the same time, teachers and students can also interact offline through the cloud platform; students can learn independently on the platform and teachers can also transmit teaching contents to students.

● Smart recording and broadcasting

The smart cloud recording and broadcasting system makes automatic recording and broadcasting and records the teaching process through five HD cameras in an intelligent way. After the class, teachers can edit online through the cloud platform and push video clips to students.

● Intelligent early warning

The system intelligently monitors the classroom through the dual detector and smoke sensor and gives intelligent judgment and an alarm prompt in case of any emergency, thus ensuring the safety of teachers and students.

● Smart light control

The system can detect the illumination in the classroom and adjust it intelligently according to the classroom lighting standard. When the light is dark, the light is turned on; when the light is too bright, the curtain is closed to reduce brightness, thus creating an optimal teaching environment for teachers and students.

● Smart curtain

The system judges the opening and closing of the curtain by detecting the classroom environment, thus reducing manual operation and fully reflecting the intelligent control of the smart classroom.

● Smart ventilation

The system judges whether it is necessary to turn on the ventilation device by detecting the concentration of dihydrogen carbon in the classroom so as to ensure a healthy teaching environment for teachers and students.

● Smart temperature control

The system can detect temperature and humidity in the classroom, control the air conditioning switch, automatically adjust temperature and humidity in the classroom and manage power consumption of the air conditioner, thus achieving energy conservation and emission reduction.

3. Campus Information Release System

The system transmits multimedia information such as audio and video signals, images and scrolling subtitles to various display terminals through the network platform in a centralized and unified manner, effectively covers crowded places in school and publishes important information such as teaching plans and extracurricular activities in real time, thus improving campus management and service level.


4. Multimedia School History Museum Solution

In order to more vividly display the culture and memorabilia of the school history museum, the solution utilizes the intelligent multimedia interactive display system including screen sharing interaction, multi-point interaction, taking pictures and leaving messages, etc., and displays the history of the school in a multi-level and multi-means way. Besides, the system is designed with tiled display, OLED wallpaper display and OLED double curved display, special display, etc., enhance the display effect, improving the display effect and interactive experience.


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