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[Dreamland] Kick start the "smart + business" mode to help enterprises improve their brand marketing and service capabilities!

Nowadays, the development of science and technology has led to constant rounds of innovation in the IT industry. As a result, we have witnessed that smart equipment is updated and iterated quickly and that the smart software system leading the constantly improved hardware equipment and maximizing human wisdom is also presenting a prosperous development trend. 



Recently, BJB developed the [Dreamland] smart interactive multimedia system. As a software platform for multimedia interaction and multi-scene applications, it integrates multi-touch, virtual stereo imaging, somatosensory interaction and other technologies, breaks through the conventional single presentation mode and helps users realize image display, business application, interactive entertainment and other functions in an innovative and open way.


By now, it has been widely used by governments, enterprises, exhibition halls, cinemas, finance, new retail, medical, education and other fields. 

[Dreamland] smart interactive multimedia system 

    ▍Image display - enhance brand image and interpret cultural connotation. 

The vivid display of brand, culture and historical images and enhanced customer identity and sense of belonging holds great importance in the construction and promotion of governments and enterprises. Dreamland presents innovative ideas and displays corporate culture in a new and interactive way, enabling users to deeply understand the cultural deposits of the brand in interaction.


Support a variety of media formats (images, videos, web pages, etc.), permit free dragging and dropping, scaling of play windows and allow users to define the layout. 

Open any window at the user's option (for example, open an image, video or web page, drag and drop to the window layout, or adjust the window layout). 

    ▍Business application - visual display leads to improved sales performance. 

Under the impetus of science and technology, visualized big data break through the conventional data display means, vividly and visually presents business forms and transforms abstract data into visual graphics, thus greatly enhancing the display effect in a visual manner.

Diversified presentation forms, real-time interaction, neither delay nor pause 

    ▍Interactive entertainment - accurate data analysis enables improved market competitiveness. 

Large shopping malls, cinemas, playgrounds and other crowds gathering places can get visits of more children and parents through a variety of creative and interactive developmental entertainment games. At the same time, user information can be collected in the background to bring convenience to users through accurate data analysis.

Open background allows users to define display contents in a simple and fast way and is easy to update. 

Real-time interaction, multi-person touch experience, whiteboard annotations and comments, taking pictures and leaving messages 

    ▍Customized development - industry leading technology R&D strength, one-stop planning and R&D 


BJB can provide customized upgrade services for customers in different industries, achieve "smart + business" integration and make customized development to respond to specific needs by adding functions, including style, content and multimedia interaction.


For example, customized building display and virtual digital sand table is available for real estate center, so that consumers can accurately and intuitively learn the product. 


Perfect solution planning, interactive art creation, independent and professional creative design and software development team will help an enterprise achieve brand communication and business growth, thus to comprehensively strengthen brand marketing and service capabilities.


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